Monday, 21 January 2013

Benefit - Blast from the Past!

I have these three "vintage" Benefit items...

Does anyone remember these??

I remember getting this Hollywood Glo as a Christmas present! I never really liked the product itself as I found it was a bad colour, and also it is really heavily perfumed. But look at the bottle!! It's as if it is straight from the 1920s and that is what I loved about it! 

Check out how 1920s this tin looks! It is the same as the Hollywood Glo only in cream form, I never really used this either, as you can see!

And this is the very first Benefit product I ever bought. I got it in San Francisco way back in 2005! I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous powder puff, it is so elegant and of course vintage looking. It has a nice smell and when you pat it onto yourself, very fine glitter comes out. I just checked it on my arm and it still works! 

I really wish Benefit would go back to making their products more vintage inspired like they used to. It is what attracted me to them in the first place. I know they still have beautiful packaging, but I really feel that when you compare it to these that it has become a lot more fresh and modern. 

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