Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My perfume collection

I noticed that after Christmas and my birthday my perfume collection has grown substantially! Here is my collection ... 

From left to right - 

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck

Ghost - the Frangrance

Madame Glamour - Suddenly

Kate Moss - Kate

Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy

Next - Diamonds

My all time favourite perfume is Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. It is just so sweet and fruity, the fragrance is so unique and I have never came across another perfume like it. I have tried other Britney perfumes but I don't think any of them are as nice as Midnight Fantasy. When I wear it, everyone comments on it!

You may have heard of the Suddenly perfume - I had heard that it was an exact dupe of Chanel Coco Madamoiselle - I got it in Lidl for £3.00! Apparently it is much sought after due to it being a good dupe, and I have to say it is amazing. The packaging and the bottle are so cheap looking though, I wouldn't want to recieve it as a gift! But you would be none the wiser if you smell it and did not see the bottle. 

What are your favourite perfumes? 

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