Wednesday, 23 January 2013

NYC Individual Eyes Compact

I bought this little NYC Palette for about £3.00, which I thought was very reasonable! I adore NYC's nail polishes but have never actually tried their eyeshadows. This is the palette for blue eyes, and it also comes with an illuminator and a primer. There are instructions attached to the back, so I am going to follow the instructions and see how it turns out!

Firstly I did apply the primer, and after a few minutes I noticed it was starting to crease up. I don't know if that is because I perhaps used too much or not. If I was using this palette again I would probably start with a different primer!
So all over the lid I applied the light grey colour, then the very bright purple went in the crease. I was a little intimidated by this colour as I don't usually wear this bright of a colour, but it is not really that pigmented. So far so good!

Then I used the darkest grey to contour, and the light purple to highlight. The photo below is the finished result..

Of course, it was missing a bit of eyeliner and mascara! I used my Clinique gel liner, and Essence Get Big Lashes mascara. I also applied a little of my Sleek glitter eyeliner. To finish, I used the illuminator in the palette in my inner corners and a little on my brow bone.

Overall I really like the finished look, for £3 you can't really go wrong! I did think that the brown eyes palette had nicer colours though! I think they grey and purple shades do compliment blue eyes.

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