Sunday, 17 February 2013

My niece does my make up!

Would you let an 11 year old do your make up?

This is my niece Orlagh. I have absolutely no make up on in this photo, so Orlagh is going to start from the very beginning. She has complete control over my make up bag, I am not going to help her whatsoever! Here are the products she has chosen..

Catrice Prime and Fine
Collection Cover and Go Foundation
Sleek Luminous Powder
Sleek Brow Kit
Benefit Erase Paste
Essence Stay All Day cream eyeshadow (For Fairies)
Catrice Made to Stay cream eyeshadow (Lord of the Blings)
Clinique Brush On Liner
Essence Vintage Boutique Blush
Benefit lipstick (Jing-a-Ling)
Avon Supershock Mascara
Avon Glimmerstick (Sugar Plum Fairy)

 Foundation is complete!
With blush

She used the Essence eyeshadow as a base, the Catrice eyeshadow in the crease, and also blended a little bit of the Avon Glimmerstick into the crease! Very clever! 

With eyeliner and mascara! 

 The finished look!

So what do you think? Not bad, eh?! Orlagh wants to be a make up artist when she is older! Even at this young age you can see she has a natural talent at make up application. I wonder how many people would know that an 11 year old did my make up if I wore this out for the day? 


  1. Awh, that is adorable! She did a lovely job, I do make up everyday and i still have trouble doing a winged liner evenly on both sides : )
    p.s. I'd love to do your make up!

  2. she's going to be a brilliant MUA someday!

    ps I'd love you to do my make up too! lol!

  3. She did a fabulous job :) this is such a great idea, I'm currently trying to think who I could try something similar with... :) xxx

  4. Not bad :) x

  5. Yeah, deffo, Once you've made up your mind I'm not a serial killer or some weirdo online give me a message about it and we'll sort something out.

    My fella is meeting a guy from "off the internet" tomorrow to play a game of warhammer with and I am getting nervous about it cause it's someone we don't know. "text me once you get there to let me know you're ok" and "I'l just walk you down to confirm he's a normal person and such" have been iterated by me more than once today.

    As for your neice, well you know what to get her when her birthday comes around then : ) There's some grand brush sets on ebay she could learn/practice with

  6. Aww bless her. It's not bad at all :) x