Monday, 18 March 2013

Essence 2-in-1 Volume Mascara

I picked up a few Essence pieces when I was in my local chemist...they don't really have a huge selection of products but they did have a few things which I had not seen before. So of course I had to get them to try - it's not as if they would break the bank! I think I will so a mini series of Essence reviews then, so as I can review each product individually. 

This mascara was actually the most expensive of everything that I bought, it was £3.50!

This is the "Look 1" wand. The actual wand is very thin and flimsy so I am actually scared removing this one from the tube incase it breaks! The brush is surprisingly full looking though.

"Look 2" has a slightly fatter brush, but there isn't really that much difference in appearance between the two. I tried to take a photo of the wands side by side, but you can't remove the two wands at once. So lets see how they differ when you apply the mascara!

 This is me with nothing on my eyes at all.

This is "Look 1". Wow! I love this one so much! It gives a very defined appearance and it has lengthened my lashes so much! It looks very natural and doesn't really look like I am wearing mascara at all!

 This is "Look 2". I do not really like this. My lashes look thick and really clumpy. I hate this kind of a look! Perhaps it would different if the rest of my eyes were made up, this might be nice as a finishing touch for a dramatic eye make up, but as it is I am not really fussed on it.

I think this is a really nice product, it's nice to have a bit of a choice in your mascaras. It's amazing how different the two look on your lashes. I much prefer Look 1 and I will definitely be wearing it more often!


  1. I love Look 1, gives such a big boost!

  2. Look 1 is fab alright, such good value too :)

  3. Thanks ladies, Look 1 is a winner! :) Love it!

  4. Your eyes are so pretty!
    Look 1 is so great but i have to agree with you on look 2 it might look better when your eyes are all made up!
    Such great value for money!


  5. Thanks a million Katie! I'm going to try Look 2 with a really dramatic eye, i think it might actually be really good!