Friday, 8 March 2013

To buy or not to buy?

I absolutely love the look of this Urban Decay Limited Edition. It's the Glinda Palette which is one of two palettes released to coincide with the new Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful. Now, I love the Wizard of Oz, which I must admit is attracting me to this palette anyway. It comes in a lovely tin and the shades are all beautiful and I must say, very unique. I haven't ever found shades which are similar to these. My only problem is, about five years ago I bought an Urban Decay palette which I absolutely hated. I actually ended up throwing it in the bin. The colours were very dry and not very pigmented. And as such, I have kind of avoided all Urban Decay products. From swatches and reviews I have seen on various blogs and youtube videos, this palette looks so beautiful and the shades are right up my street. Should I splash out and get it? Or will I be disappointed?


  1. I love mine! I use it everyday over my normal eyeshadow for the glitter :) and the lipbalm <3

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


  2. Would you recommend it then, Roxy? :)