Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Essence Lipstick - Sparkling Miracle

As part of my mini Essence haul, I lifted this very cute lipstick. I think it was around about £2.00. I chose this shade as I thought it was a little unusual and I don't have anything like it already in my collection.

What I like about Essence lipsticks is that the packaging is the same colour as what's in the tube, it would be a lot easier to find your favourite colour in your collection! 

There is a nice berry scent of this lipstick. They are nice and creamy and feel very rich on your lips. They fade nicely too so that even after a couple of hours there is a nice hint of colour. I would definitely like to try more shades, usually cheaper lipsticks can be very dry (like MUA) but these are not like that at all. So for the price I am most impressed! This is why I love Essence! My all time favourite lipsticks are the Benefit Silky Finish lipsticks, but at £14.00 they are very much a luxury item for me. I love being able to find something cheap but products that also exceed my expectations!