Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nails of the Day - Angelica "Hip Hop"

Angelia polishes are great. I have only ever used their glitter ones before, which are fab! But when I saw this bright neon colour in Pennys I had to get it. I know I love bright colours, but I have never worn a neon colour before! I just wanted to try something different.

It doesn't actually look that neon when it is applied. I must say, the formula of this polish is amazing. It is like a very fine gel, that just glides on very smoothly. I have never really used anything like this before! 

I really adore this polish and I can see it being a favourite of mine during summer!


  1. Ooh love coral shades like this!

  2. pretty colour! so perfect for summer and really looks like a shellac finish :)