Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan - Exclusive Look

I am so happy to try out this amazing Cocoa Brown Night and Day tan, before it is even released. I am such a fan of the original Cocoa Brown, I was so excited to give this a go.

 Now the idea of this tan is that you can apply it and instantly you will have a beautiful, deep tan for your night out. Instant tan that does not turn blotchy when your skin is in contact with water! The next morning you can have a shower and you will be left with a light, natural glow that can last up to five days. Amazing!

I used the Cocoa Brown mitt to apply this product, and I think this mitt is brilliant. It feels so sturdy to use, I am so used to using the £1 tanning mitts from Primark. This one is much better quality and it is brilliant because it did not stain my hands at all.

 As you can see, this mousse is slightly darker than the original Cocoa Brown. It still has the same lovely scent and feels really soft and easy to apply.

Here is a photo comparison. As much as my right leg has a really deep tan, it still looks like a really natural colour (which I adore!). I cannot believe that I can put this on and go straight out the door! It is amazing! I do not usually wear darker tan but this is nothing that I imagined. It is the most perfect colour and this tan is perfect for those impromptu nights (or days!) out! 

This tan will be out next week! This will be so handy to keep in your bathroom cupboard!


  1. This has been out in my local penneys for two weeks now?! my friend tried it and she said everything you did about how great it is that it shows up so quick! i love the packaging for it, its so cute and 7€ is such a great price considering how well it comes up too.x

  2. I can't wait for this to hit the shops! I think I'd much prefer this to the original and I LOVE the original!
    Think I'll be kissing bu bye to my Sally Hanson from now on