Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lancome Hypnose -VS- Hypnose Star

I bought the full sized version of Lancome Hypnose Star, and in addition also got a sample of the original Hypnose. I thought it would be really fun to compare them.
The packaging of all the Lancome mascaras are incredible. They are so sleek and elegant looking. I especially love the Hypnose Star.
 This mascara comes in a beautiful curved tube. I love the glittery end of it, it just looks so glam!
The wand itself is very tapered at the end. One thing I noticed about both these mascaras is that they smell quite odd, kind of reminds me of permanent marker.

The original Hypnose has more plain packaging, but it still looks very elegant. This sample size is so cute, perfect for taking in my handbag!

This wand looks a lot more fuller. It is slightly curved in the middle. Here you can see them side by side -

So, now you can see the difference, lets see how they look on!

This is me with no mascara on at all.

This is Hypnose Star
And this is the original Hypnose
Side by side comparison

To be quite honest I do not see much difference at all. The Hypnose Star was a lot easier to apply, the wand is just so brilliant to work with. The original Hypnose took a few coats before I got the volume that I wanted. The original Hypnose was a lot "dryer" than the Hypnose Star. They are both brilliant mascaras though. 

I think if you are buying any Lancome mascara you cannot really go wrong. I would definitely purchase the full sized original Hypnose, but I am so excited to use my Hypnose Star. Plus the glittery tube looks class! 


  1. Eh how are you lashes so lovely and curly!!?

  2. I love Hypnose Star much more than Hypnose! I found the original to be too wet & clumpy but Star lasts much longer on me!