Sunday, 2 June 2013

My first MAC purchases! Gleam & Trax Eyeshadows

Nobody sells MAC near where I live. While I was shopping in Dublin recently, I couldn't stop my curiosity walking past the MAC shop. I just had to go in and see what all the fuss is about.

I swatched a few of their eyeshadows, and I really fell in love with these two. They certainly do have an impressive selection of shades! I am kind of a sucker for shimmery shades too. Anyway, here is a closer look..

This is Gleam, a beautiful shimmery champagne colour. I can see pink tones in it too.

And here is Trax. I found this one a little hard to photograph in order to show its true beauty! As you can see it is a gorgeous purple with gold shimmer.

These eyeshadows are silky smooth, I absolutely love the formula and the pigmentation. Trust me, they look so much more beautiful in real life!
Well I couldn't wait to try these shadows out. I used Gleam all over my eyelid and Trax in the crease. I think these two shades look well together. They applied well and blended like a dream.

I have fallen in love with these two eyeshadows. As I have said before, I had never tried MAC products before, I had only heard about their products from reading blogs and on Youtube tutorials. I had heard that their eyeshadows were great, and I am certainly not disappointed. I do hope to expand my collection and I will definitely pick up another few MAC products next time too!


  1. These look absolutely beautiful and the look you created with them is beautiful! I'm sure there will be no stopping your buying now!

  2. thanks girls, I definitely see an addiction coming on, lol!

  3. Love the colours, so pretty on you!

  4. Both look reallly pretty together on you! Nice!