Sunday, 28 July 2013

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume - my all time favourite!

I am in no way a fan of Britney Spears, but her perfumes are incredible. My favourite one is Midnight Fantasy, and has been for about 6 years now. Midnight Fantasy was the second perfume to come out in the "Fantasy" range, it was released in 2007.

I love sweet, fruity perfumes, and this is by far the sweetest, most fruitiest perfume you could ever want!

Heart Notes: Night Orchid, Freesia, Iris

Top Notes: Framboise, Black Cherry, Plum

Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Vanilla

The bottle looks quite nice and mysterious, and would look really elegant on your dressing table. 
I am sure at this stage, nearly everyone has tried this perfume. If you haven't I just cannot recommend it enough if you are into sweet scents like me. You can get the 100ml bottle for around £20.00 in most shops. I myself have been addicted to it now for years, I would consider it my signature scent! 

Have you tried any Britney Spears perfumes?


  1. I looove all her perfumes too, they smell amazing! but I amn't the biggest fan of the bottles - this one is the best of bunch however!!

    1. i cannot tell you how much i love this perfume eleanor! :) it is so sweet and fruity, just what i love!