Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Dressing Table!

I am so so proud of my new dressing table. I have wanted one like this since forever, I think they look ultra glam and very elegant. Perfect for a Ziegfeld Girl - haha! Let me give you a tour...
 On this side I have just displayed a couple of mini Yankee Candles, Soap and Glory Hand Food, Lush Lip Scrub and the picture is a vintage postcard - circa 1939 - of Hollywood actress Deanna Durbin. Not many people have heard of her nowadays, as she retired quite young in the 1940s, but she was very famous back then. I thought the framed postcard looked quite fitting on my dressing table.

 Along the front of the mirror I just displayed my perfume bottles, and a little handheld vintage style mirror.
 On top of the second little drawer I just have a sample size of Lancome Bi-Facil eye make up remover, and the "Kitten" box is the very first Benefit product I ever bought - it is a huge powder puff that I just adore. I got it in San Francisco back in 2005. It is so glamorous looking and it is full of tiny shimmers too that you can just pat on yourself.

 In the little drawers I have stored some make up that I don't really use, but inside this big drawer is the bulk of my make up collection that I use pretty much every day. There is no real order in here, and someday I will get a drawer organiser but right now everything is just all laid out any old way!

I absolutely am in love with this, I feel like a Hollywood movie star when I am sat here doing my make up!

I hope you liked this post, I love seeing photos of people's dressing tables!

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