Friday, 2 August 2013

July Favourites!

When I was making a list of things I had been using throughout the month of July, there really wasn't that many products I had been using. The weather was so good, and sometimes hot weather and make up just don't go! So... here is what I have been using in July!

Clarins Splendours Palette - Oh, how I adore this palette! The shades in here are absolutely perfect for summer. The eyeshadows have excellent staying power too. I swear I have been wearing these shadows every day since I got this palette. I couldn't recommend this enough.

Lancome Blush Subtil Palette - This is in the shade Nectar Lace. I have this palette for a few months now I think but it is only recently I started getting the use out of it. I am slowly but surely getting used to contouring! And the contour shade here is perfect. The blush is absolutely stunning, it is a deep coral with gold shimmer. I have been enjoying this so much!

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara - Oh my goodness, honestly this is the best mascara ever! I do not think I could live without it now! (well not literally). The wand is excellent, it is very tapered at the end and it perfect for getting into the corners of your lashes. The formula too is amazing, it doesn't clump or flake off during the day. It is just perfect and so long wearing. I absolutely adore it and the packaging is so glam too!

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel - I have completely fallen in love with this! It is so nice to wear, not as heavy as a gloss. It smells super sweet and gives your lips that perfect sheen. The colour itself gives you a lovely rosey tint. I think this is a fabulous product, and I will be doing a more detailed review very soon because I love it so much!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Scrub - My skin was not in great condition there for a while during the good weather. Layers upon layers of fake tan had really taken it's toll on my skin. So it was off to Superdrug I went to get a few items to remedy that! One of the things I got was this scrub. I would never usually bother with scrubs, but this one was on offer in Superdrug for £3.00. All I can say is "WOW"! First of all, the smell is just...divine. While I wasn't really impressed with the scrubs power to remove fake tan (it doesn't really), I can definitely notice a massive improvement in my skin. My skin has actually never been in better condition, and I believe it is down to this lovely scrub.

MAC Prep & Prime Protection SPF 50 - It's back again! I know I had this product in my June favourites, but I had to give it another mention. I was so so grateful to have this product during the heatwave, knowing that you had that SPF 50 protection on your face. I believe this is so important. I have actually used up this whole tube now, I need to purchase another!

IsaDora Sugar Crush Nail Polish - I love this polish in the shade Coral Crush. I have been wearing this almost every single day. I have never used up a whole nail polish but I am heading that way with this one! Orange polishes are a current obsession with mine. It took me a while to get used to the texture of this polish, now I think nothing of it. It is so nice and sparkly too, without the pain of removing glitter polish! Adore this so much.

Kerastase Bain Exfoliant Purifiant Shampoo - I have to tell everyone about this shampoo and how it has "changed my life". That is kind of an exaggeration. However, this is an anti-dandruff shampoo with exfoliating beads in it. My scalp is just horrendous, when I have dandruff, it is bad and I mean really bad. This shampoo is the only thing that works. I've tried everything in the chemists to the doctor's prescriptions but this is the only thing that clears my dandruff and actually keeps it away. If I wash my hair with another shampoo even just once, the dandruff comes straight back! So this is I think my 5th bottle of Kerastase that I have re-purhased. I honestly will never be without this shampoo!!

I hope you all liked this post! I honestly cannot believe we are into August's coming to the end of summer and I am not sure I am ready to say goodbye yet! The weather has been incredible (okay, not right now but we had a very good run!). I have had a brilliant summer so far. I took some time off work which I really enjoyed and I got to see Michael Bublé in concert twice, which was incredible.

I can't wait to see what products you all have been using in July!

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  1. I don't think I used much at all in July apart from moisturizer with SPF and some BB cream & mascara, and baby lips!! It was nearly too hot for makeup. I love that isadora polish, it's such a pretty colour. Big fan of Palmers too x