Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Artdeco far!

I got this Dita Von Teese Quadrat box in Debenhams. I saw it was onsale for about £10.00. It's quite a nice size. Slowly but surely, I will fill this thing up! Here's what I have so far...

Eyeshadows L-R: 185, 520, 450
 Sorry for the bad swatches! The purple is so rich and deep. The taupe-y shade is perfect for everyday and I absolutely love the white, it is so pearlescent and shimmery!
 This is the concealer, which I got during summer when I wore fake tan almost every day. It was the perfect shade for me then! It is a bit too dark for me now when I am tan-less so I will have to invest in a lighter shade too. This concealer is in shade 5. Honestly, this is the best concealer I have ever used, it hides everything! It's a little to heavy to wear under your eyes though.

I love the "Beauty is Art" inscription in the mirror.

Do you know what would be great, I was thinking if I was able to stick in a couple of lip colours, face powder & blush. Then this would be a perfect palette to take in your handbag for touch ups! Sadly only the eyeshadows, blushes and concealers are magnetic.

The little Artdeco eyeshadow pans are so tiny, this is a great place to store them! Hopefully as time goes on this will be full of gorgeous Artdeco shades. They are quickly becoming my favourite brand! Everything Artdeco does is so glamorous and reminds me of the 1930s, which of course I love.

So I will do an updated post in the coming weeks/months when I have added more to my collection!


  1. That's such a great idea, I wonder if other brands would fit in it? If you wanted to make other things magnetic you could get a sheet of flat novelty fridge magnets in a bargain shop & superglue a little square to the back of the lipsticks or whatever you want to put in, they'd stay put then x

    1. that's a great idea! i'l have to try that! :)