Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nails of the Day - Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour - Bel-Argus

Apologies in advance, this post may be a little picture heavy!

I got a lend of this beautiful polish, I had heard that this shade was just incredible. I had to have a wee go of it myself!

The polish is a shimmery, iridescent blue. Honestly, every time I look at it, it looks different. It is absolutely the most unusual polish I have ever used. You can see the minuscule glitter particles in there.

These polishes cost £18.00 - I have never spent more than about £6.00 on a nail polish. I have never used anything so expensive before. However, I have been wearing this polish for a full five days and incredibly, there are no chips despite having washed my hair and being working with my hands a lot.

I had to photograph my nails in different lighting, so you can see the polishes iridescence. However, I really believe that you need to see this one in real life to see just how unique it is! The formula was really good to work with, it had a great consistency and I am most impressed with its staying power. I think I will have to invest in a Chanel polish for myself!


  1. That is just a stunning colour! Love all the pictures!

  2. Oh this is a beaut alright, I want!

  3. thank you so so much ladies! this is by far the most unusual polish i have ever used!

  4. I love this colour! It's such a lovely blue that seems different from so many angles:)

    1. It really is! Every time I looked at my nails, it looked different!