Friday, 13 September 2013

My Eyeshadow Palette Collection

This is my very modest collection of palettes! I suppose this is a lot for me. I don't wear eyeshadow very often, just at weekends and on my days off.

 This is the Kat Von D Ludwig palette. I ordered this one from eBay several years ago. I love this one a lot, but I haven't used it in ages! I almost forgot I had it. I love all the shades in here, especially the greens! The eyeshadows are also really good quality. My favourite shadow it probably the white one in the middle! It is a perfect highlighting shadow and also amazing used on its own.

 This is the Sleek Sparkle 2 palette. I got this one last Christmas and as you can see, it's barely used. These eyeshadows are all really lovely, however they are not sparkly when you actually apply them. They all look beautiful in the palette. My favourite shades are the gold and the cranberry colour. As with all Sleek shadows, I think they are amazing quality for the price, and there is such a wide variety of shades here to create many looks. I will have to start using this one!

 This is the Sleek Oh So Special palette! Have you ever seen so many pink shades? For a while there, I was kind of obsessed with using pinks for my eyes, so this was my go-to palette for a long time. I loved the beige colour and the sparkly baby pink. This was the first Sleek palette I ever bought and I remember being so impressed with it and with Sleek as a brand. I like the combination of matte and shimmer shades. This is probably my most used palette overall.

 This one is my current favourite. Oh my goodness, what can I say. This is the Clarins Splendours palette and it is fabulous. Each shade is just stunning, super quality and just very elegant. I wore this all summer. The gold shade is just stunning. The shadows are slightly shimmery but it's quite subtle. They last all day and are very easy to apply and blend. I adore this one so much.

This is my 3 pan Inglot palette. I had never tried Inglot before, until the Irish Beauty Bloggers meet up in June when I bought this one. I wanted neutral everyday shades, and of course the fabulous orange shadow caught my eye, I couldn't leave without it! Each eyeshadow pan is such a generous size, and the Inglot Freedom system is so good that you can actually choose and custom build your palettes. They are quite reasonably priced too and the shadows are of a superb quality. I haven't used this palette all that much. I thought I was actually allergic to these shadows but I think it's very likely that the glitter in the orange shadow seriously irritated my eyelids so that they swelled up and were so painful. So this one has been neglected unfortunately. I have used the neutral shades on their own but I am so sad that I cannot wear the orange one, which was my favourite!

I just noticed that I haven't hit pan in any of my palettes!
It was actually fun photographing these palettes and writing about them, it has kind of inspired me to use them more and to create more looks with them and be adventurous! Right now I am experimenting a lot with natural shades, which is something I have never worn because I don't think brown tones suit my eye colour. I would love an Urban Decay Naked Palette!

How many palettes do you have?


  1. I don't have too many palettes - I had a couple of Sleek ones but I got rid of them because I never used them. I have one Kardashian one (Khloe) that I like a lot, and I have one MUA one (Undress Me Too) that I love. I really like the Catrice eyeshadow quads and I want to get a z-palette to store all my single shadows. I love the look of that Kat von D one x

  2. I want a Z-Palette too! And I would really like the Kardashian palette that you have! I forgot how much i loved the Kat von D was neglected in my drawer for ages but I have been using it a lot now :)