Sunday, 12 January 2014

Katy Perry "Killer Queen" Eau de Parfum

This was my favourite bargain that I picked up in the sales. This gorgeous gift set was reduced to £15.00 in my local chemist. I had tested this perfume before and quite liked it, so thought I might as well buy it!

I am not a Katy Perry fan at all, but I do quite like her perfumes. I have the original Purr in the absolutely incredible cat bottle, but that scent it definitely not as pleasing to me as this one.

I love the gorgeous bottle. It looks so regal and is so unusual in it's design. I love the little designs on the lid, especially the cat logo!

Anyway, on to the actual scent. Normally I am attracted to very sweet and fruity perfumes. This is a little bit different for me and it totally an Autumn/Winter scent in my mind.

Heart Notes - Red velvet flower, Rainbow Plumeria, Natural jasmine sambac

Top notes - Dark plum, Wild berry, Bergamot

Base notes - Cashmeran, Natural patchouli heart, Liquid praline

To me, this perfume has an incredibly deep, woody scent. It is definitely a floral type fragrance. This scent is just so glamorous, to me it smells quite expensive, not very "teenagery" like a lot of celebrity perfumes.

The only problem is it fades very quickly. I sprayed this on my neck and wrists earlier today, and right now I can barely detect a trace. But it was so cheap for me that I do not mind spraying it a lot!

I also have to say that the body lotion in this set is simply divine! It is quite strongly scented and seriously lasts all day. So it is worth layering up the scents!