Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Isadora Sugar Crush Nails - the nicest nail polishes ever! :)

I got my first Sugar Crush - "Coral Crush" last summer, and wore it almost constantly. Now I feel the Spring coming, I resurrected my summer favourite and while on a recent trip to Debenhams I decided to pick up 2 more.

This is Ocean Crush, a lovely turquoise blue with gold shimmer. This shade actually reminds me of the ocean! It is the most unusual and beautiful colour, and I think it looks incredible on.

This is Candy Crush! I think this one is my new favourite! I don't usually wear pinks but I thought this looked divine. It is the cutest, girliest shade of pink. This one actually has chunkier glitter particles too. It looks absolutely flawless on your nails, and it seems to have the best wear time out of these three polishes.

And here is my first love, Coral Crush! Beautiful orange with gold glitter. For me, when I first saw this last year, it just looked so different and unlike any polish I had ever seen. I adored this polish last year, and sadly I am almost finished my bottle. I will definitely repurchase if these are still available. This shade just epitomises summer for me.

I do not usually like "textured" nail polishes and at first I didn't like how they felt gritty on my nails, but nevertheless, the shades are so breathtaking and striking that I do not mind the texture. And for such glittery polishes, they are incredibly easy to remove which makes them a winner for me! I hate the struggle of removing glitter polishes!

So to sum up why do I love these polishes - amazing unusual colours, excellent wear time and easy to remove. What more could you want in a polish!


  1. I have 3 shades too and have Candy Crush on my nails right now, they are stunners, I love them and will defo be picking up more

    1. Same here, they still have a good selection in my nearest Debenhams. Candy Crush is my fave!

  2. I love coral crush for accent nails x