Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter! (and Face of the Day)

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you haven't ate too much chocolate! I love Easter, it's one of my favourite times of year. I just love the springtime. 

I didn't really do much today, I went out for a big meal - overindulged actually and I am still very full up! But it was so nice! I thought I might show you what make up I wore today, here are the products I used: 

The eyeshadows I used from my Mac palette are my new favourites - Satin Taupe and Smut in the crease. I love this eye look. And I used my very first Revlon lip butter that I just got, in the colour Juicy Papaya and I adore it! It's so nice and sheer, yet creamy and very moisturising. 

Right now I am just cracking open my first easter egg and watching the Sound of Music! Hope you all had a great easter!

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