Saturday, 17 May 2014

Clarins Colours of Brazil Eyeshadow Palette - Summer 2014

Well here it is in all it's glory! I've been talking about it for weeks, humming and hawing about do I really need another eyeshadow palette? The answer is of course no, but I bought this one anyway! It is just so beautiful and I really wanted it for my collection.

The shadows are absolutely astounding, as is the blue eyeliner. I just think it is the most beautiful palette ever! Three lovely neutrals and that glorious peach shade. The top two shadows are a satiny finish, and the bottom two are matte. I really think that I can create so many versatile looks with this.

Also I wanted to mention how gorgeous the outside of the palette is. It is incredibly hard to photograph, though! It's much more impressive in real life.

As with last year's Clarins summer eyeshadow palette, I do find the eyeshadows are a little "hard" but still pretty easy to work with and blend out.

The eyeliner in this palette is much softer and nicer to use compared to last year's palette! I never, ever thought that I would wear blue eyeliner, but I cannot believe how well this looks on. The peach eyeshadow and the blue eyeliner just compliment each other so well, and look so summery and exotic!

Here are a couple of different looks I tried. I plan on trying more and more to see what this little palette can do!

When I first set eyes on this palette, I really fell in love with the peach eyeshadow but now that I have been using it, the standout features for me are the dark chocolate brown matte eyeshadow, and the blue liner!

I cannot wait to play around with this palette more and try out different looks with it! I can already tell this will be a summer staple in my make up collection!


  1. Beautiful palette, and the look you created is stunning x

    1. thank you! :) i'm so in love with these eyeshadows!