Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Do you heed the "use by" dates on make up products?

Here is something that has crossed my mind lately. I had no idea until recently that the little logo on the back of your products with a "12m" or "6m" etc. beside it meant that that is the length of time you should use your products for once opened. Now, to be truthful, I cannot think of a single item of makeup that I have actually used up! So I would be a little annoyed and in my opinion a total waste of money if I were to toss a product barely used just because I had reached it's "use by" date.

For example, the products shown in the photo above have all been part of my collection for a while. The first example which I will talk about are the Tanya Burr lip glosses. I love them, but they apparently have a very short use by date - 3 months! There is no way I would even finish one of these glosses if I wore it every day for three months.

My Lancome Teint Idole foundation has a 12 month logo on the back. I have this foundation since May 2013 and although it is on it's last legs now anyway, I can't help but think what makeup artists do with items like this in their kit? 12 months isn't a long time and with the price tag on these you wouldn't want to be disposing of them if there was still plenty left!

I bought the IsaDora Bronzing Powder around Summer 2011 and have barely made a dent in it. It has a 24m tag and still as good as new! The compact is so big and has a brilliant mirror, i think I would hold onto it no matter what!

I bought the Clinique gel liner in (I think) March 2011 and the pot is just about half empty. The label has worn off the back so I am not sure what its use-by is, but I would guess around the 6-12 month mark? Anyway, there is still plenty of the gel liner left and it hasn't dried out any, the consistency is still exactly the same as if it were brand new.

I got the Kat Von D eyeshadow palette around October 2010! And as you can see it has barely been touched. It has a 24m tag. I don't think i have ever finished an eyeshadow, I only tend to wear eyeshadows at weekends so they last me forever. I really love the colours in this palette even though I haven't used it in quite a while. I'm not sure I could part with it!

The Lush lip scrub is the only thing I can find that has an actual date on it. I got this in May last year and although I use it very regularly, almost on a daily basis, I haven't even used up half of the pot yet.

I suppose my main point is - how the heck are you supposed to use up all the product in the time suggested? I guess there are people who are harder on products than I am, I seem to get absolutely ages out of everything!

The only person who uses these products is me, and I know I don't have any infections or anything, my brushes are all cleaned and I have never had any problems using some of my "older" products. I know that not everyone is gong to agree with this though! The only thing I am fussy about is lipsticks and lip glosses, I guess because I am so prone to coldsores I have a habit of tossing lipsticks after about a year. I can never be too careful about that.

So how do you feel about "expired" makeup?


  1. There's definitely products I use sparingly that will go over the use by date! For some reason the only ones I really notice the date on are Lush because they're so much more prominent so I would pay attention to that for fresh face masks and the like!

    1. I just can't part with some of my older products, they are as good as new to me!

  2. Truthfully I don't pay heed to the dates on my make up.. Unless it looks or smells funky, then I'll get rid.. But as you say if something is still good, and its only me thats using it, I don't see the problem! :) Can't believe those lip glosses are only 3 months!

    1. Yeah Alisha if they seemed "off" I would definitely get rid of them, but they're all alright, I just can't seem to part with them especially ones I paid big money for!