Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New Nuxe purchases!

I have been taking really good care of my skin lately, and I am definitely seeing the difference. My favourite skincare products come from Clarins, but after getting a  Nuxe Creme Fraiche moisturiser for Christmas, I am so intrigued by this brand! My Creme Fraiche ran out last week so when I looked about replacing it, I felt very tempted by the entire Nuxe range!

I took the little skin type test on the Nuxe website, and discovered that the Creme Prodigieuse would be the best moisturiser for me. I actually chose the night cream in this, I am not sure why. I always apply my moisturiser at night anyway! I cannot fault this product at all, maybe perhaps the pot it comes in is light plastic instead of the nice heavy glass jar the Creme Fraiche came in. Well, that's just a minor gripe of mine that in no way affects the product!

I don't use toner at all, so I thought I would try one and see how it goes. I loved the sound of this toner, with rose petals. It is so sweet and gentle on the skin. I really do enjoy using it, it feels so refreshing.

As I bought these two items from, I was given a Creme Fraiche Masque for free with my purchases! And it is so amazing to use as well. It is very rich and soothing, very moisturising and it just feels so good.

What other Nuxe items should I try next?


  1. Great haul I'm not that familiar with Nuxe products!

  2. You would really like their products, I'm hoping to get the Prodigieuse perfume soon! It's so amazing!

  3. Outside of the lip treatment, I don't know Nuze products all that well. Intrigued by that toner though!

    1. It's a lovely toner, Lisa. I must get the lip balm I've been dying to try it for so long!