Saturday, 24 May 2014

Remington Pearl Pro Curl Wand

Some time ago I reviewed the Remington Pearl Wand (click here to view!). Around the same time as I bought the Remington Pearl, I was so impressed by it that I ran out and got its chunkier counterpart too, the Pro Curl.

 The Pro Curl is much thicker and does not taper down at the end. It is the exact same design though. The Pro Curl is much heavier though, and I think is a lot more awkward to use. I must say that it really does nothing for me, and perhaps the before and after photos can explain better.


I suppose it gives a nice tousled look, but I was expecting more of a curl, or even big waves. But it really doesn't impress me. The skinnier wand is a much better hair tool, and you could even use thicker sections of hair to create loose curls or waves and it would give a much nicer effect than this fat wand.

So if you are trying to decide which Remington Pearl wand to get, I couldn't recommend the skinny wand highly enough! I also think that you could easily recreate the look that the Pro Curl wand gave me even without putting heat on your hair.

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