Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sun care with La Roche Posay!

So a mini-heatwave is upon us (finally!). The sunnier weather of course means that we need to be super careful with our skin. I am not one for sun bathing but even if you are like me, and just happen to be occasionally out and about in the sun, and take to sitting in the shade, I still think it's important to make sure I have plenty of sun protection on!

I chose to buy some La Roche Posay sun care products, as I have read many a blogger's rave reviews on them. I will always choose the highest SPF possible, so in this case I got the Anthelios XL 50+, face cream and sun cream spray.

I will start with the face cream. It is quite a thick cream. It blends into the skin easily but I do feel like it leaves a greasy layer on the face. I wanted to use this face cream under my make up, but it hasn't been sitting very well over it, so for me it loses points for that. If you are not intending to wear make up then you cannot go wrong with this cream.
(Actually I got a sample of the Clarins SPF 50 face cream, which is a much lighter cream and does not feel greasy, and make up sits perfectly over it. Perhaps I should have got the full size of that.)
I will still use this La Roche Posay face cream of course, because I want plenty of protection on my face. It's just a matter of trial and error to see what makeup suits it best. So far, my Clarins tinted moisturiser has been working well with it, so I think I will have to stick with that and stay away from foundations!

The Anthelios 50+ spray is amazing! The texture is so much lighter, and non-greasy. It is the least stickiest sun cream I have ever used. I believe that this one is also much kinder on fake tans, which is great news for me! I absolutely love the slimline bottle and handy spray, which is going to be perfect when I head off on my holidays.

What sun creams have you been using lately? Any recommendations?


  1. You should try the LRP Ultra Light Fluid version or one of the matte face versions, they're much, much better under makeup!