Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lancome Golden Riviera Bronzer - Summer 2014 Collection

Three Lancome posts in a row - I am sorry folks! It really wasn't intentional, I have been trying a few new bits from Lancome lately though. It is one of my favourite brands! And just yesterday I treated myself to the new bronzer from their Golden Summer collection. I couldn't resist, it is absolutely beautiful and really caught my attention. Normally I would try out a product for a while before blogging about it, but this one is so gorgeous I was dying to post about it anyway!

The compact is absolutely huge with a massive 30g of product in there. It feels extremely sturdy and I think looks so elegant and glamorous. Open it up and it absolutely takes your breath away! Gorgeous bronzer with a touch of gold overspray in the middle.

The bronzer is the most heavenly shade. It is very warm toned, with just a subtle gold shimmer throughout. I was well aware that the gold overspray was going to disappear with just a swipe of a brush, try as I might to avoid it, I had to swirl my brush in the compact to get enough product for my face! Below is how my bronzer looks now. Admittedly, it is probably more wearable now although there still is a hint of that gold shimmer.

I absolutely loved wearing this today! It really isn't a "glitter ball" effect but provides a lovely highlight as well as that bronzed glow. I just kind of dusted this all over my face, neck & chest. Lancome has never let me down, and I certainly was not disappointed with this bronzer! In fact the entire Golden Summer collection is astounding, beautiful golds and blues. I am so excited to use this bronzer, it is so perfect for summer!


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  2. It's stunning on you!! I will have to go check out the collection, bring on pay day lol x

    1. thanks so much!: ) i love it, it has to be the most beautiful piece of makeup ever!

  3. Oh my god, I think I'm in love with a that even possible?! It's a stunner!

  4. Wow, it looks gorgeous! Massive amount of product in it too. Beautiful x

  5. that's so pretty!

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