Wednesday, 2 July 2014

*new* Lancome City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50 - Review

When I first read that Lancome were bringing out this CC Cream, I ordered it straight away. I had been caught in two minds as to what I was going to wear on my face whilst on holiday, so when I realised that Lancome City CC Cream was everything I wanted in one simple little product, I was all over it!

Lancome say: Perfects like a foundation, beautifies like an illuminator, hydrates like skincare, protects with anti-UV filters

City Miracle CC Cream is available in 3 shades - I chose shade 02 Peau de Peche because I plan on wearing this with a bit of fake tan. I must admit that when it arrived it was a little bit darker than I anticipated! Though it blends out really well and is a perfect match for my fake tan.

It's a nice, lightweight texture although it's not runny or "liquidy" in any way. It has the most gorgeous scent - some will love a scented base product, some will hate it. I for one think it is beautiful and so luxurious.
I find that you have to work incredibly quickly with this product as it begins to dry and set so fast. I like to apply it to my face, section by section, or else I can feel it dragging on my skin.
Once it's applied, my skin looks absolutely flawless. It gives me a decent amount of coverage, more than I would have expected from a CC Cream. Of course, what attracted me to this product was the SPF 50, so that I can still wear makeup while having a bit of sun protection thrown in there too, perfect for my holidays.
It does prevent shine on me for a good few hours, but as with all products like this, I still can't escape the pesky shine so I would still need to use a powder or blotting paper during the day.

Definitely a brilliant product in my opinion. I have really been enjoying using it - I love that it looks as beautiful as any foundation I have used yet has that added protection of SPF 50. I think it's perfect if you are on holiday and don't want to take a rake of products with you, or you just have a busy lifestyle and want a fuss free, yet kind to skin product. Admittedly there probably are cheaper versions of this available but with Lancome I always feel like I am getting a little bit of luxury and I love that!


  1. This sounds gorgeous, would love to test the paler shade out! SPF 50 too, that's essential for summer!

    1. it's lovely nora. i kind of want the lighter shade too so i can wear it without being fake tanned!