Sunday, 3 August 2014

First Impressions of Lancome Grandiose Mascara!

Lancome can do no wrong in my eyes. Every time I try any of their products, I am amazed at the superior quality, especially of their makeup. Lancome mascaras are in fact the best I have ever tried, and I was delighted when their new offering arrived through my letterbox to try out.

Firstly what struck me was the incredible beauty of the packaging. I love the Lancome rose encased in the lid, for some reason it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast! It is certainly a fine looking mascara tube, so glamorous!

 And now, behold the fabulous "swan neck" wand! I must admit I was a little apprehensive about this, I wondered if it was just a gimmick? It claims to reach each lash from top to bottom, and apply to your "other eye" with ease.  After admiring the beauty of this mascara, I was ready to try it out!

I am used to mascara wands with a much bigger brush than this, however I really loved the smaller, more precise brush of Grandiose. It really did reach into the very corners and even the tiniest lashes. As well as the wand itself being bent at a 25 degree angle, the actual brush is flexible too.

In the above photos, I am applying it to my "other eye". I am right handed, and always with my regular mascara the lashes on my left eye never look as good as my right. The Grandiose wand gives exceptional control, and I was astounded how different it was, applying mascara to my left eye with perfect ease! For the outside lashes, as I held the wand I bent my wrist to the right, and as I moved my way to the inner lashes I put the wand across my nose. It was amazing doing this and not getting mascara all over my face!  Lancome have got this spot on! It is a perfect art, the size and shape of this wand for perfect application.

Here is a little before and after comparison…. My lashes are already quite long but I think this mascara does give decent length and fullness.

So, first impressions of this mascara are that I am very impressed with the design of the wand for application. My lashes do look great, I suppose it is a similar effect to Lancome Hypnose which is my regular mascara. The formula is excellent, the perfect consistency.
I did fear that the design of this mascara wand was a gimmick but I couldn't have been more wrong! Never has applying mascara been so easy for me.
Perhaps this will tak over Hypnose as my favourite mascara….


  1. Looks fantastic! Really would love to try it. Also what eyeshadow are you wearing, its a gorgeous colour.

    Leanne@blatherandbeauty x

    1. thanks leanne! :) the eyeshadows are Naked and Buck from the Naked palette!

  2. Oh that packaging... it's stunning, it looks like a serum rather than a mascara! I'm a big fan of Lancome, I can't justify buying any more mascara at the moment but this is definitely something I want to try out at some stage.

    1. it's a great mascara sharon, i think you would really like it!

  3. This is soooo pretty. I love the packaging and the unique brush. It looks great on you. No wonder why you liked it.