Sunday, 24 August 2014

My bedroom had a makeover!

Originally I had planned to do a beauty review today, but this is so exciting for me that I couldn't help but share with you!
Recently I decided it was high time my bedroom had a full makeover - new carpet, paint, wallpaper, furniture…. believe me it was long overdue. I spent ages picking out everything that I wanted and now that it has all come together, I am so delighted with how it looks!

Sorry there are a lot of photos in this post!

I wanted the overall look to be rather neutral. I have 2 picture frames which are to be put on this wall over the bed, I just haven't got around to doing that yet!

My chandelier…from B&Q

Ikea Pax wardrobe and 2 Brimnes units….I absolutely love the wardrobe. Space is limited in my small bedroom so the sliding doors are a godsend.

 The far wall I chose to have feature wallpaper. I really love this, the colour and design are perfect for me! I also got a new TV with built in DVD player also to save space. I still need to get a cable tidy for it!

My dressing table is an off/white cream colour and it really doesn't match anymore. I am hoping to get it spray painted silver, I think it will be a nice contrast.

I went for a darker coloured carpet, I really love this!

Plenty of storage in the wardrobe! My clothes, bags and shoes all fit in with tons of room to spare!

My bedlinen and curtains are from Next Home.

My birdcage bedside lamp, from B&Q.

A close up of the wallpaper design. It is a Dulux paper I believe and the other walls are painted "Dusted Damson" which is the perfect match for the branches on the wallpaper.

I am absolutely delighted with the finished look of the bedroom, it looks so sophisticated now and grown-up! It was a lot of hard work and the reason why I haven't been blogging that much lately. It's amazing how redecorating one small bedroom affects everything!

I hope you enjoyed this look into my room, I really am so made up with it! :)


  1. The wallpaper is gorgeous! Room looks beautiful! xxx

    1. thanks so much i'm delighted with it all :)

  2. Your carpet looks solo fluffy? Is it like that? I love carpets in the bedroom although they are a nightmare to keep! Love the bedroom, sliding doors a great idea!

    1. thanks nora! i am so proud of the entire thing! it is a nice fluffy carpet, i did consider getting a wooden floor but i still think i prefer a carpet!