Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Clarins Skincare Collection - it's growing and growing!

Since I started paying more attention to skincare last year, it transpires that Clarins is actually my favourite, go-to skincare brand. I don't know why, I just love it. I feel like they are a top quality, luxurious product with a fairly reasonable price.

It seems that lately, between sale purchases and duty-free splurges that I noticed I have amassed quite a collection!

What I use every night without fail are the Instant Eye Make Up Remover, Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion, and the Eye Contour Balm. These are must-have items for me! I am on my 4th bottle of the eye make up remover (I had to use a sample size bottle in the photo but don't worry I ran out and purchased the full size soon after, because I can't live without it!)

For moisturisers I am using a sample of the Hydraquench but I really do love the Daily Energiser Cream also!

The rest of my collection are (very generous) sample sized items which came as part of skincare sets. I have the One Step Cleanser (which i actually did use up a full sized bottle of and loved it!), Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream, Moisture Rich Body Lotion and a teeny tiny Eye Contour Gel!

There is a great selection of products here, I have tried each and every one and have fallen in love with them all! There is nothing here that I don't like, they are staple products in my skincare routine and I love trying out new things. I am constantly adding Clarins skincare to my never-ending wish list!


  1. I'm like this with La Roche Posay, it's an addiction! Skincare is never a waste of money though, I think when you find a brand you're happy with it's fantastic. Great collection!

    1. thanks sharon! i think you're right, skincare is a good investment! i haven't really tried la roche posy before, only their sun cream and effeclar duo!