Sunday, 28 September 2014

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation Review

So a couple of weeks ago I was browsing the Clarins counter. I was looking at the new True Radiance foundation, which I thought looked really beautiful however I had been dying to try Extra Comfort ever since it came out last year. The wonderful sales assistant let me see how the Extra Comfort looked actually on my face, and well, it was love at first sight for me!

I kind of wanted a new foundation for Autumn/Winter so when I saw how Extra Comfort looked on me, I realised it was exactly what I was after and I bought it straight away! I bought shade 103 Ivory, which is I believe the lightest shade available.

I think the packaging is absolutely beautiful. It is in a very heavy glass jar with the signature Clarins gold lid. I know many people would agree with me that it is quite impractical and at times a bit messy. For me though, my make up never leaves my dressing table so it works fine for me. However, if I were travelling I don't think I'd be taking this foundation with me!

As you can see this shade is not for the super pale despite being the lightest shade available. It is extremely creamy, so blendable. I have applied it with a couple of different foundation brushes but I think the best way to apply it is just using your fingers. You really don't need a lot of product, and this foundation can do marvellous things, you will see!

Before: No foundation…. my skin isn't great at the moment. I am experiencing some redness & hormonal breakouts.

After: much better! This foundation is amazing in my opinion. It has a great level of coverage, and I think it makes your skin look absolutely flawless.

The finish of this foundation is demi-matte, it feels really smooth and silky. Although it has a high level of coverage I don't feel caked in makeup.

It has quite  a lot of skincare and anti-aging properties, which I suppose are not of too much benefit to me right now but it smooths fine lines and wrinkles and moisturises and plumps the skin at the same time as creating this flawless base. I think that it just incredible.

I have been so, so impressed with this foundation. It lasts really well on me all day and has just generally performed better than anything I have ever tried. My other favourite foundation, Lancome Teint Idole, I feel does not provide this level of coverage or the same flawless finish.

Clarins Extra Comfort is a little on the expensive side at £36.00 due to the fact that it is basically makeup and skincare combined. I think that it is worth it though!

I hope this review was of help if you are thinking of trying this foundation!


  1. This sounds just amazing. And it looks so flawless on your skin too. Wonder how it fares for dry skin?

    1. this would be absolutely brilliant on dry skin!

  2. I agree about the jar being impractical but the coverage looks great. I've just added this to my duty free wishlist!

    1. fantastic! you will love this foundation!