Saturday, 18 October 2014

MAC Cool Neutral Palette! A quick look at my new purchase

This is the palette I have been lusting after for months and months. I finally saved up enough money so that I could order this one, and since it arrived I cannot stop staring at it!

For £65 it really isn't bad value for 15 MAC eyeshadows. I did attempt to fill up my own MAC palette but it is crazy expensive! I love the variety of shades here and honestly I probably would have picked these (well most of them) myself.

Here are a few close ups of the shadows…

Top row L-R - Flounce- Sweet Allure - Sun Tweaked - After Dusk - Blackberry
Middle Row L-R - Pick Me Up - Cozy Grey -Crushed Clove- Deception - Brun
Bottom Row L-R- Silver Fog - French Clay - Cumulus - Pearled Earth - Black Tied

And here are a couple of "looks" I have created with the palette!

Inner half of lid - French Clay
Outer half - Cumulus
Crease and bottom lash line - Pearled Earth
Tear duct - Silver Fog

All over lid - After Dusk
Crease and lower lash line - Blackberry
Blending shade - Flounce

I am having so much fun with this palette. I do not think these are all strictly cool toned shades however. I think all the shadows are extremely versatile for all skin tones. I have not had any problems with any of these shadows, in fact they are all absolutely fantastic and I can't believe how great this palette is! Well worth the money in my opinion! 


  1. Oh this is gorgeous! Im well jealous! I think I would wear all of the colours, well worth the money.

    1. aw thank you! yes i definitely think it was good value. the most i have spent on any palette but there is not one colour in here that i wouldn't use!

  2. Oh wow! The first look is beautiful and perfect for the sparkle season. I don't own any MAC, mainly because its so expensive and I have managed to find cheaper dupes, but I do covet some of their eye-shadows...

    1. thanks so much! i agree, mac eyeshadows are terribly expensive!