Sunday, 26 October 2014

Neglected eyeshadow #2 - MAC Coppering

 After recently resurrecting my Cranberry eyeshadow, I thought I would dig out another strong eyeshadow which has been languishing in my collection - MAC Coppering. I am very very new to MAC products, it was only at the beginning of this year that I decided to start collecting them and build up a palette. I was researching what the best shades for me would be, and Coppering kept coming up as being a good shadow for blue eyes. I do love anything Copper, so onto my shopping list it went!

As you can see it is an exceptionally strong, bold eyeshadow. It's almost a burnt orange with a hint of bronze. When I first set eyes on this shadow, I really felt quite intimidated and not really sure how I was going to wear it. I think I tried it once or twice but I never really went back to it. Here is a look which I have tried with it today.

I really think it is best worn alone all over the eyelid. It really speaks for itself! I tried using a darker shade in the crease but I think Coppering is so loud it doesn't need any other shades. I did use a tiny bit of MAC Nylon as my blending shade and also in the tear duct. I used plenty of black eyeliner but I didn't put anything on the lower lash line because I think the overall look is quite intense it doesn't need anything else!

So really it is an easy enough eyeshadow to wear! I know it seems like quite a scary shadow to wear but I think once it is on, you feel more confident with it. I think it is especially nice for the Autumn and Winter!


  1. Grace! It's beautiful! I have blue eyes too so I love to see what others blue eyed folk wear colour wise and this is definitely another one to try! X

    1. Thank you Gail! You would really suit this!!

  2. Oh wow, just WOW!! It's fab on you, Grace!