Saturday, 11 October 2014

Products that I don't "get"

Here is a small selection of items which I know some people rave about, but I just don't get on with them at all. Don't you hate that?

1. MAC Face and Body - When I first got this I really liked it actually. But as I have used it more and more, I'm not liking it so much. It is a water based foundation and is incredibly runny. When you first apply it on your face it just feels so wet! Obvious I know. It also has a horrible smell. I'm using this as my every day foundation for going to work purely to use up the bottle. But it's my least favourite foundation that I own. It's not that bad, I just don't think it's that good.

2. Maybelline Brow Drama - I got this because I had heard some people say it was similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow, which I do really want to try but refuse to pay the hefty price tag! Maybelline seemed like  safe, cheap bet for me. I really don't know what to do with this thing. The wand is like a giant bulb, there is no way to get it precisely on your brows. Also it makes your brows really crispy. Maybe I just haven't figured out the proper way to use this stuff but for now I am not happy with it.

3. Clinique Chubby Stick - I got this free in a magazine actually. It's not a bad lip balm crayon but it totally is not the best. It is a bit more waxy than I would like, and also the colour is so sheer. It is not a patch on the Clarins lip balm crayon!

4. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - this is a little sample size but enough for me to try it out numerous times. I just don't know what to do with this thing. I put it on and it does nothing for me. I want that glow that folks talk about! I would hate to have paid for the full sized product. Also it kind of has a weird smell.

5. Maybelline Colour Tattoos - These are decent enough, but they crease like crazy on me. What I love about cream shadows is how they stay put all day and even make a great base under eyeshadows. But the Maybelline Colour Tattoos aren't working for me! I thought they would be good for mornings when I'm heading to work as something quick and handy to put on my eyes, but they are currently neglected at the back of my drawer. Why do these work for lots of people but not me?

I don't know if I am using any of these products wrong or if they just don't agree with my skin type - which would be weird as I have a normal skin. If you have any tips on how best to use these please do let me know!

Are there any hyped up products which you don't get on with?


  1. Great post, I've always wanted to try the Beauty Flash Balm but maybe it's just hyped up too much!

    1. I have heard great things about Beauty Flash Balm but when I put it on, i really don't see any difference! Maybe it's just me!