Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Clarins Instant Concealer Review

I am a little late to the party with this review! Basically, I realised I was in dire need of a concealer. I don't really get any breakouts and I use my Touche Eclat for under my eyes so I didn't really "need" a concealer!  I had my makeup done in Debenhams one day and realised how that something "missing" from my makeup routine was in fact, a nice creamy concealer. Clarins Instant Concealer was released last year. I really put my faith in Clarins makeup now and it has become my favourite brand, actually! So I knew that this concealer would be worth it.

The fabulous Makeup Monster mentioned this concealer numerous times on her blog and I knew then it must be amazing! You can read her review here.

I got the shade 01 which is a little warm but it does work for me. I don't tend to wear a concealer under my eyes as I am afraid that it will emphasise my under eye lines, but lately my Touche Eclat just isn't cutting it for me. Plus I am getting a little redness across my nose and cheeks. I need something with plenty of coverage and this is it! As you can see from the packaging it claims to smooth out the skin and revive tired eyes. I think the photos speak for themselves really!


You can really see the difference a bit of this concealer makes! It is a really creamy texture, so only a very small dot of this product is enough to cover your under eyes, nose, cheeks and any blemishes. You get 15ml of product for £21.00 - it may seem expensive but when you are using such a small amount it should be worth it. It provides amazing coverage, and now I don't know how I ever did my make up without it! 

Recently I also reviewed the Clarins Extra Comfort foundation (you can read that here ) and I think the Instant Concealer is a brilliant accompaniment to this foundation for a flawless finish. 

Are there any other concealers that I should look into? Particularly for under-eyes?


  1. This and the NARS Creamy concealer are my faves for under eyes - the Chantecaille and Shiseido version of Touché Éclat are also fab x

    1. thanks emma i will look into them! i'm always conscious about my under-eyes! x