Friday, 7 November 2014

Galgorm Resort and Spa

I am sitting here typing this feeling totally relaxed and absolutely rejuvenated. I have just got home from a wonderful overnight stay at the Galgorm Resort and Spa, which honestly was just pure heaven! It is also my first hotel review, an opportunity that I am so grateful for. A huge thank you to Scarlett PR for arranging this!

Galgorm is situated amongst the most beautiful grounds I have seen by the banks of the River Maine, about 30 minutes from Belfast city centre. Upon arrival my sister and I were promptly shown to our room, a beautiful twin room with a lovely view of the grounds. The room was absolutely fantastic, with the most comfortable bed and lovely spacious bathroom. 

Our first stop was of course, the spa! We wanted to start relaxing as soon as we got there. We changed into our swimwear and the robes and slippers provided, and headed down to the spa where we were greeted with the warmest welcome.

We experienced absolutely everything there is in the thermal spa - there is a hydrotherapy pool, outdoor hot tub, outdoor jacuzzi pool, sauna, different aroma rooms and heated relaxation loungers. My particular favourite was the outdoor hot tub! There is a wonderful atmosphere in the spa, everyone is completely relaxed and the surroundings are so beautiful and calming.

I also had a treatment - I chose the Intensive Release Muscle Massage which I thoroughly enjoyed! My therapist was Ascensao who was a real lady and explained every step beforehand and I felt very comfortable during the treatment. As I have a desk job I feel like I have a lot of tension built up, particularly around my shoulders and neck, and it was true- I had lots of knots! So I knew this would be the perfect treatment for me. I definitely feel like my muscles have loosened up and I am less tense.

After all that relaxation we dolled ourselves up for dinner in Gillies Bar & Grill. I think it is safe to say we well and truly stuffed ourselves and the food was to die for! Obligatory food pics below.

We then moved to the River Room Conservatory for some cocktails, which was a beautiful setting if you wanted somewhere a bit quieter. There was a very relaxed atmosphere with some nice jazz music in the background.

The next morning we were once again very well looked after in Gillies where breakfast was served. There was a  huge selection including continental and cooked breakfasts and tea and coffee. After breakfast, we didn't waste any time in heading back to the spa for an hour or two. It was so nice on a bitter cold morning stepping into the outdoor hot tub!

We checked out of our room but we weren't quite ready to leave! We had a lovely walk around the gardens and just taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Before leaving we returned to the River Room Conservatory for some afternoon tea. This was really exquisite and a lovely dining experience! You have a choice of sandwich and tea with a mix of other little delicacies.

I really did not want to leave Galgorm! It was the must luxurious, relaxing experience. The staff were absolutely wonderful and were so attentive to each and every guest. We were treated like royalty!
There is such attention to detail in Galgorm, even the little finishing touches felt extravagant.

I actually think that Autumn is a lovely time of year for a getaway like this. Galgorm are offering some great overnight packages throughout November and December, I would highly recommend checking them out!

A huge thank you to everyone at Galgorm for having me, I had the most wonderful time and I will definitely be back soon. I will be recommending this hotel to anybody, it really is the complete luxurious spa experience! And I think we all deserve a little rest and relaxation every once in a while!


  1. Looks beautiful there, that afternoon tea though...I would gobble that up right now!

    1. if it was set down in front of me again nora i would too! lol!

  2. I love Galgorm- it's not far from my house! So glad you enjoyed it

    1. aw thanks gemma louise! that is so cool you live close by!

  3. I love Galgorm - I've never stayed there but have great memories of that outdoor hot tub.

    1. It's fab isn't it Emma? I was obsessed with the hot tub!