Saturday, 1 November 2014

Instyler Rotating Iron Review

I was very kindly sent the Instyler to try out. I hadn't actually came across the Instyler before, but basically it is a rotating barrel which can be used to curl, straighten (yes!) and give volume to the hair. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?! It's like several hair tools in one.

 It comes with a fabulous drawstring pouch, comb, heat guard and instructional dvd. It really is an impressive kit!

This is a 32mm barrel. The barrel begins to rotate when you clamp it together. The black bristles smooth the hair and the heat can distribute evenly while the barrel is rotating. There is also a thin ceramic plate in the middle of the bristles.

The heat guard can only be used when you are straightening your hair with this barrel. You won't be able to curl your hair with this thing on, as you need to wrap the hair around the barrel. I actually burned my forehead while curling my hair so do be careful!

Here is what my hair looked like, straight after I curled it. I spent quite a bit of time curling my hair, and to be honest I was left a little disappointed. It certainly looks wavy, but not curly how I like it, even when I used the highest heat setting.

I felt the Instyler was a little too time consuming for my liking. Only a tiny section of my long (relatively thick) hair could be put through the Instyler at one time for any sort of curl to appear. You then of course have to hold each section of hair in the barrel for around 20 seconds. So I was working on my hair for a good half an hour to achieve this look! Whereas with my Remington Pearl wand I can create waves like this in less than 10 minutes by just separating my hair into about 5 big sections.

Anyway, just about an hour or two after the above photo was taken, my hair was back to it's natural straight self as though I had never curled it at all!

I'm just disappointed that I spent so long curling my hair just to get a few kinks in it like this. I tried it on freshly washed hair, and on two day old hair but it didn't make any difference, my hair just didn't take to the curl.

I also tried straightening my hair with the Instyler, and I must admit that this did nothing for me at all. My hair is already naturally straight. When I ran the Instyler through my hair it genuinely didn't look any different. It doesn't give me that sleek, polished look as when I straighten with my GHDs.

Maybe part of my problem with the Instyler is due to the fact that my hair is long, kinda thick and I have no layers cut in my hair, so it's quite heavy. I asked my sister to try the Instyler and she loved it on her short hair and thought it gave her a lot of volume!

I should also add that I don't use any styling products in my hair at all, I just wash and condition my hair. I am not sure if that would have any impact on the performance of the Instyler. I don't even own any styling products so I couldn't test it that way.

The Instyler RRPs for €120.00. It certainly is not cheap. I think the price is a little high considering I am so fond of my Remington Pearl curling wand which cost a fraction of the price. (You can read my review of the Remington pearl here! )

What I really liked about the Instyler was the fact that it is a multi-functional hair tool and would be great for travelling and you wanted to create different hair styles. It comes with a great pouch suitable for travel. It certainly was presented incredibly well and the accompanying accessories are really handy.

Sadly the Instyler did not perform on my hair as well as I had hoped. I know that i have read many a rave review on it, I guess some things just don't work for everybody!

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