Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Neglected eyeshadow #3 MAC Pearlfusion "Pinkluxe" Palette

While looking through my stash at some pretty un-loved make up, I found this little palette which I have not used in ages! I bought this Pearlfusion Pinkluxe palette last January while I was shopping in Brown Thomas. I was so taken by the gorgeous shimmery pinks and that beautiful sparkly purple! But the truth is this little palette was a favourite of mine at the beginning but slowly made it's way to the bottom of my collection. It's time to resurrect it!

These eyeshadows go on very sheer, so I like to use them with a dampened brush and they look a lot more metallic and shimmery. For this look I used the middle pink shade and contoured and defined with the bottom two darker shades. 

Do you like this eye make up? There is a lot more colour there than what I would usually wear, but I am so in love with the purple glittery shade! My only problem with them is that if I don't wear a good thick eye primer (Artdeco eyeshadow base usually does the trick) these eyeshadows really irritate my eyes!

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