Saturday, 10 January 2015

YSL Baby Doll Mascara

A quick little post from me today, just had to share what I think of this fabulous mascara which I had been using over the past few weeks. I received this as a Christmas present (huge thanks YSL!) and honestly, it has blown me away. You all probably know that I am particularly fond of Lancome mascaras, and dare I say it, I now believe that YSL Baby Doll is better than any Lancome mascara I have tried.

The brush has those rubber bristles and is flexible at the end of the wand. It makes it really easy to apply. The actual formula isn't too wet nor too dry. It perfectly separates every lash and I cannot believe how it delivers in terms of creating length and volume. When I compare it to the likes of Lancome Grandiose, which has a slightly more wet formula and doesn't quite separate every lash, I would have to give YSL Baby Doll preference!

No need to wear falsies here - below are some before and after photos.

Before - no mascara

After - One coat of YSL Baby Doll Mascara 

I have really been enjoying this mascara - it is one of those products that makes you go "wow!" the first time you use it!


  1. Your eyelashes are faaaaaaabulous - both with and without mascara, I'm so jealous! This mascara looks brilliant :)

    Long Hair And Lashes

    1. aw thanks Grace :D It's definitely a brilliant mascara, loving it!

  2. The mascara looks fabulous but your lashes before are just a fabulous x