Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MAC Cinderella Collection has arrived! See what I got..

I am too excited about this collection! I was really looking forward to the release of this collection from MAC and when I got the email to say that it was available online last Friday, I quickly logged on and ordered myself a couple of things. I knew I really wanted the powder. The eyeshadow palette looks lovely but I already have a few of the shades, and the lipsticks look a little too light for me. I only bought the glitter on a whim! Here is a closer look…

This is the Iridescent Powder "Coup d'Chic". It is so, so beautiful. I love the stylised packaging, it looks incredibly Disney. The iridescent blue with the gold inlay definitely is very Cinderella. The product itself is extremely shimmery. I was looking for a new highlighting powder and I couldn't be happier to own this one. It didn't swatch too well to be honest, but I will do a more detailed post on these products soon.

This is the Cinderella glitter Reflects Pearl. I absolutely love the look of this! It is so sparkly, perfect for Cinderella! I have never owned a product like this before, currently I am researching on what kind of adhesive would be suitable to use this with on my eyes. I pressed it onto my eyes with a flat eyeshadow brush but I would like a little bit more intensity, and something to hold it in place all day!

Iridescent Powder Coup d'Chic as a highlight
Cinderella Reflects Pearl in inner corners 

I couldn't be more excited about this collection, being a lover of shimmery things, beautiful packaging and of course Disney! I can't wait to have a proper play around with these products - I only got them yesterday so still kind of getting to grips with them, especially the glitter. I am hoping to do a full look with them in a post soon!

Is there anything that has caught your eye from the MAC Cinderella collection?