Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Superdrug Haul!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Easter break. I know I am! I am excited to have a nice dinner on Sunday and of course plenty of chocolate!

So I was out shopping recently, and I haven't been in Superdrug in ages so thought I would drop by! They have some great bits in at the minute.

First of all I badly need some kind of strengthener for my nails as they are in such poor condition right now! So I bought the Sally Hensen Complete Care. I haven't read any reviews on it, so I hope it is good and will do the job for me!

I could not resist these cute Easter nails from Elegant Touch! They are adorable and I love the pastel colours, and the wee chick!

And I bought the NYC nail polish "Peach Popsicles" just because it looks like a great Spring colour and NYC polishes are generally brilliant (and so cheap!).

Then I spotted that they had Nip& Fab stuff for half price, and hearing that this is Kylie Jenner's favourite Nip&Fab product I had to check it out for myself. I have already tried this a couple of times. It smells absolutely amazing and feels really nice on the skin. Trouble is, I am a little scared to try it any more because my skin is so dry and after I tried this serum a couple of times I noticed a bit of redness on my cheeks that I didn't have before. So I don't know if it was a reaction to the serum or just a coincidence as my skin has generally been misbehaving lately! I really do want to give this serum a proper test run though!


  1. Lovely easter Haul. Would love to know how you get on with the Sally Hansen complete care as my nails are in bits lately xx

    1. i will let you know how i get on with it! x

  2. I seriously love those nails,they are so cute!
    I've been hearing loads about that dragon blood stuff lately from Kylie Jenner and everyone on Instagram. I'm gonna have a look in my local boots if its half price but I hope I don't have a bad reaction to it :( have you tried it since? x

    1. i haven't tried it since! i am waiting until my skin settles down a bit and then if i try it again & my skin doesn't agree then i will know it is a bad reaction :( it smells gorgeous though and i have no doubt it is a brilliant serum, that's why i don't want to give up on it!