Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Packing make up in your hand luggage?

It's less than 8 weeks to go until I head off on holidays. So what random thoughts enter my head… how am I going to do my makeup on the morning I head off? We have quite an early morning flight. Don't get me wrong, I am not afraid to go make up free but if I want to look a little bit more awake while travelling I might like the option of having some make up to hand!

So do I get up even earlier the morning of my travels, apply my make up before I leave the house, pack my make up in my suitcase and then leave? Or do I pack make up in my hand luggage so I can put my make up on en route to the airport?

If I choose the second option, it got me thinking what actually is considered "liquids" with regard to make up? It's liquids and gels that have to be put in the clear plastic bags, right? So do you think cream eyeshadows fall into that category? How about the Chanel cream bronzer? Or the sticky waxy stuff in the Sleek eyebrow kit?

Maybe a silly thought, but one that perhaps requires careful consideration when packing!


  1. I went away for a weekend recently and I was thinking the same thing! But the only liquid I had really was my foundation, so I put that in a clear bag with my toiletries, but all my powder products and mascara and what not I just left loose in my case, and they were fine! :) So I think really all you have to worry about is your foundation... Enjoy your hols ;)

    1. ah that's great alisha! i thought i had to put the likes of mascara and stuff in the clear bag. the only really liquidy thing is my foundation then! thanks alisha!