Saturday, 6 June 2015

Current obsessions! Featuring Cocoa Brown, Accessorize, Soap & Glory

Here's a few products I have been absolutely obsessed with in the past few weeks!

The first one is Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Spray! I have only been tanning the top half of my body lately (no point tanning the legs if the weather is not so good!) so when I am wearing pumps I like to tan the tops of my feet using Lovely Legs! It works really well and is dead handy in tan emergencies! If I am fully tanned I also like to layer Lovely Legs over my tan. It's just a fantastic all around product.

I still consider myself a total Soap and Glory newbie. I got the Sugar Crush scrub and body butter a while ago and absolutely loved them. But the best thing about them was the scent! When I found out Soap and Glory actually bottled the scent in the form of this Sugar Crush Body Spray I rushed straight out to buy it. It smells identical to the products! My only criticism is that the scent disappears very rapidly. I guess that means you can spritz away to your heart's content! At £4 it's not exactly going to break the bank. I swear I could eat this scent if I could!

Another Cocoa Brown product I am obsessed with is Chocolate Whip! They are quite hard to find, any time I see a Cocoa Brown stand, Chocolate Whip is always sold out! I order mine from Cloud10Beauty. I would use a tube of this up in a couple of weeks, I use it pretty much every evening and my tan looks all the better for it. I was never that much into body moisturising before! It smells absolutely incredible and sinks really well into the skin. I love the tube packaging, it's so much easier to use and best of all if you think you have finished up the tube, cut the top off and you will see there is still loads of product left!

I had to re-order L'Oreal Wild Stylers Texturising Spray, my hair just wasn't the same without it! I have quite flat and silky hair. This spray just gives my hair a bit of grip and a bit of body. It's a very nice spray and doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky or tacky. I haven't used any other texturising sprays so I can't say how it compares with the likes of the VO5 one that everyone seems to love at the minute! But I do really love this spray!

And lastly are my sunglasses which I got in Accessorize. It's true I haven't been able to wear them much, thanks to our lovely weather! But I am obsessed with them just the same. I wanted a really cool, retro style sunglasses for my holidays and when I saw these I fell in love. I absolutely adore the cat eye shape and the design on the legs. They are just really lovely and stylish, and cost me £12.00.

Let me know what you are obsessed with lately!


  1. Ooh I love the look of that texturising spray. I only started using them lately so I'm fairly new to them too!

    1. It's really good Dani. My hairdresser uses it on me and when i bought my own tin I was't quite sure what to do with it! But now I can't imagine my hair without it!

  2. I never knew there was a Sugar Crush Body Spray!! Need to find that!