Thursday, 23 July 2015

Beauty Buys from France and Duty Free

Hi lovelies! I am back after a bit of a break. I was kind of out of inspiration on the blogging front but also I was on my holidays in France! I had the most amazing time, it was a very laid back relaxed holiday. Visited some very historic places, ate some great food and just had a lot of fun. I had to make a few stops at different pharmacies though! :) To be honest I was completely overwhelmed because I do not speak very much French and I ended up getting the same products that I can get at home, but I don't mind because I am well stocked up on my regular skincare.

I will start off with what make up I got. I was actually mad looking the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette after I finally saw it in my local Debenhams before I left for France. Don't buy it I told myself, save your money for your holidays. Yet I couldn't get it off my mind. I hunted the entire Sephora store but I couldn't see a Too Faced stand. I actually let out a loud gasp when one of the Sephora staff opened up one of the drawers and there were some Chocolate Bar palettes! So into my basket it went, along with a gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow stick. I will do a closer look at these products in a blog post very soon.

From the Loop Duty Free I got a MAC Studio Careblend Powder (the best powder I've ever used!), MAC lipstick "Vegas Volt"  and the Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate! I've been using all of these religiously since I got them and I am so impressed!

Also from the Loop I got my very first Jo Malone fragrance which is Wood Sage and Sea Salt! I really love this scent, it's just so fresh and perfect for summer nights!

The three Le Gel Douche in the picture may seem like a bit of a random purchase and I would agree, but I bought the mango one when I first arrived in France because I didn't bring my own shower gel, and I couldn't get over how nice the smell was and how the scent completely filled the bathroom for hours after I had a shower. So I just picked up another 2 bottles to take home with me! I'm not usually bothered about shower gels, any old one will do but I completely fell in love with the scent of these.

I made a quick stop at L'Occitane as well and got the lime ultra soft cream (I got one of these in Paris last year and have never gotten over how nice it smells!). I also got a mini hand and foot cream and a rose lip balm. Really enjoying these. I definitely want to try more L'Occitane stuff, I might invest in some of their skincare.

And lastly, from the pharmacy I got some of my beloved La Roche Posay skincare! I had no idea there was such  thing as the jumbo sized cleansers (they had huge containers of the miceller water too, never seen them in Ireland before!) so I stocked up on the Toleraine cleanser and got a moisturiser, and I just bought the eye make up remover because I just happened to see it, I've never actually tried this one before.

Almost forgot to post these! These are the swatches of the Chanel eyeshadow stick and MAC Vegas Volt lipstick!

I hope this post was of interest to you! I am so sad now my holidays are over. I loved France so much and would love to go back there!


  1. So glad you enjoyed France and you were so lucky with the Chocolate Bar palette - I hope you'll be doing a review of it soon cause I'm still on the fence about it!
    Vegas Volt is a fab lipstick, I can imagine it would look beautiful on you! :) xx

    1. Gracey, you are so kind! Vegas Volt is incredible, a lot brighter than I would usually wear but I was just so drawn to the colour! Also I cannot wait to tell you all about the chocolate bar palette! It is absolutely amazing!! xxx

  2. Fantastic post, Grace, good to see you back and glad you had a lovely holiday! I have admired the Too Faced palette from afar for a long time so I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it. I like l'occitane a lot, have only tried a few bits but they've all been lovely! Brilliant that you found larger versions of your favourites too x

    1. Thank you so so much Sharon! I had a great holiday and liver every minute. I can't wait to show you all about the chocolate bar palette! It's amazing and I swear the shadows are the best I've ever tried! I think you'd really love it! Xx