Thursday, 1 October 2015

My Current Yankee Candle Collection

 I am a long time fan of Yankee Candles. Only recently though I treated myself to the black cat burner, and it has completely changed everything! The little wax tarts I feel have a much stronger scent than the jar candles and it's so easy to pick up loads of different ones and try lots of different scents. My sister got me the other burner for my birthday and I was delighted!

So the wax tarts I currently have are:

Home Sweet Home
Tarte Tatin
Pain au Raisin
Fireside Treats
Gingerbread Maple
Kilamanjaro Skies
Red Raspberry
Mango Peach Salsa
Cranberry Twist
Garden Sweet Pea

I also have about a third of last year's Halloween Candy Corn jar candle left. I absolutely love the design of this jar and I will definitely be keeping this. But I am not a huge lover of the Yankee Candle Halloween scents. Much prefer the Christmas ones by far! Also this Candy Corn one never burned right for me. It ends up with this massive flame and smoke coming out of it. But I do want to use it up so that I can clean out the jar and keep it (not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it looks pretty).

I am sure there are plenty of Yankee Candle fans out there! I want to know what all your favourite scents are, tell me in the comments!


  1. I have that burner too, couldn't resist it!! I adore yankee candles, I have a tin full of tarts and a few big jars, favourite jar at the minute is still Fireside Treats, but they've a new one called Cosy By The Fire that's gorgeous. Have my Advent House ready to go! x

    1. Ah Sharon I knew you were a big yankee fan too, I saw you got the black cat on snapchat! I'm going to keep mine out all year not just for Halloween. I love it! Fireside treats is lovely I think it's on offer this week on yankee direct x

  2. Those wax tarts are all I burn, they are so handy! I actually got an electric burner which is great, the heat from the bulb melts the wax, so no need to worry about leaving candles lit if you pop out! Love love love Fireside Treats, I would burn it all year around! That and Vanilla Lime, Pink Grapefruit is fab too! :)

    1. I would love an electric burner, they sound class! Vanilla lime I think was the first yankee candle I ever got, still one of my top faves!

  3. I have never tried their wax tarts before but all are hear are good things about them. I'll need to try some soon!

    1. They are brilliant! It's a good way to try lots of different scents too