Saturday, 31 October 2015

*new* Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels

I had a fantastic time last month at the Cocoa Brown Passion Persistance Pink event, when the latest Cocoa Brown products were revealed. I was so delighted, I really wanted Cocoa Brown to come out with an instant tan! And it's great that you have the option of matte or shimmer.

I wanted to give these bronzing gels a proper go before I wrote about them on here. Although it has to be said, I have only really put the matte one to the test. The shimmer one looks fabulous, and I imagine it will look phenomenal on legs during the summer months. So sadly I haven't had a chance to try that yet! This review is of my experience using the matte gel.

Check out that shimmer!

I used the new Cocoa Brown Pink Velvet tanning mitt to apply..which is absolutely amazing and I went online straight away to order another one as a backup. It is so soft and really nice to apply tan. It also washes really well. So I would definitely recommend checking out the mitt! 

So you can see the gorgeous bronzed glow it gives me in my before/after photo! 
The Bronzing Gel is really nice to apply. I can't even describe the texture of it! It is a true gel, it glides over your skin and you have quite a bit of "play time" with it if you are afraid of it looking streaky. Just keep blending it in until you get the look you desire. I do feel it is a little sticky for a minute or two after applying, but it does set and does not budge on me all day.

I used to use the Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs all over the summer when I couldn't be bothered fake tanning, it's just so handy to put on an instant tan as and when you need it. And it washes off so there is no maintenance involved! But I definitely think the matte Bronzing Gel has a much better, more natural looking colour than Lovely Legs and it is a lot more durable too, I got a lot more wear time out of the Bronzing Gel and it still looked perfect at the end of the day.

These Bronzing Gels are also water resistant so no need to worry if you get caught in the rain! I find they only really come off in the shower with plenty of shower gel.

The Bronzing Gels are £5.99 each and the Pink Velvet mitt is £4.50. My suggestion is to snap these up quickly! You need them in your life!


  1. Love it! Love the shade and coverage. It looks natural and flawless. Well, this is something worth checking out indeed!

  2. I love the matte one so much, I haven't bought the shimmer and probably won't - the matte one is perfect!

    1. the shimmer one is so sparkly its amazing! but honestly i can't see me getting much use out of it. the matte one is far better for everyday!