Thursday, 19 November 2015

Products you NEED for Winter

1. Hydraluron Serum. 
This was recommended to me by Aisling from totalmakeupaddict during a time when I suffered severe dry skin. I finally got it in August of this year and have been using it every night. At first I couldn't understand the hype or even see any difference, but here we are mid November and my skin is great! Despite being in and out of the cold, central heating etc. my dry skin has not flared up. I have to put it down to Hydraluron because it is the only thing that has changed in my skin care!

2. A rich moisturiser. 
My favourite it La Roche Posay Nutric Intense. I think this is around £15.00, not overly expensive and it is a 50ml jar. This is an extremely thick moisturiser, best used at night.

3. Nuxe Reve de Meil lip balm. 
You need this. You just need it. I use it 2 or 3 times a day. Without it, my lips will literally shrivel up and dry and crack. For me, this is a Winter essential.

4. A cinnamon candle. 
There is nothing that gets me feeling more festive than the smell of cinnamon. I absolutely love Christmas candles and will burn them from Halloween til about March or April! Of course Yankee Candles are my favourite, the one pictured is from Our Own Candle Company which is also a really nice candle and the cinnamon one is just divine. 

5. A Winter perfume. 
It's time to do away with our light florals and reach for something a little deeper. my favourite is Thierry Mugler Angel. It's smokey. It's spicy. It's woody. It's sexy. Admittedly, it's not for everyone, it may be an acquired scent but for me there is no better perfume for Winter.

6. A red lipstick. 
With Christmas party season imminent it's not a bad idea to have a nice red (or whatever colour you fancy) in our make up bags. I for one can't wait to wear this little number, Clarins Joli Rouge (in the shade joli rouge). For me it is the most beautiful, glossy, neutral-red. It's very Hollywood glamour and quite festive looking!

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